Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Room 23

hair * TUKINOWAGUMA hair* Jacoba ::FIT:: Msize    Cosmopolitan

skirt#EVANI - skirt Kispi ROSECosmopolitan
top #EVANI - sweater Kispi ROSECosmopolitan
pose   *Eternal Dream* Bogusha 08 cosmopolitanCosmopolitan

Clustered.hChristmas Deco Collection.  leaf gift box 2 Cosmopolitan
Clustered.Christmas Deco Collection. hanged pictureCosmopolitan
Clustered.Christmas Deco Collection.hanged christmas stuffCosmopolitan
ClusteredChristmas Deco Collection.paper christmas treeCosmopolitan

:: N :: Gemma 2 Leather Chair, OxbloodCosmopolitan

Monday, December 28, 2015


..::SAMURAI::.. Cyrus  Mesh Head Alpha
::GB::WingT_high cut_black
Ascend // Classic Cargos   MOM
Ascend - Jagged Edge Sweater

MINA - Waylon - All Specials


DaD DESIG N "15 Jazz Composition" c/m  LOST and found
DaD DESIGN "01 Recycled Piano Bookshelf" ULTRA RARE c/mLOST and found
 DaD DESIG"09 Music sheets falling" c/mLOST and found
DaD DESIG"03 Leather Armchair" brown & cream -(A) RARE c/mLOST and found
DaD DESIG "02 Leather Armchair" brown & brown -(PG) RARE c/mLOST and found
DaD DESIG DaD DESIG"05 Books Coffee Table" c/mLOST and found
 DaD DESIG"04 Corrugated Brown Rug" c/mLOST and found

Sunday, December 27, 2015


catwa head Jessica
hair  [BURLEY]_Octavia_II
1. .::Dead Dollz::. Ballet Leotard - BlackShiny Shabby
9. .::Dead Dollz::. Ballet Skirt - BlackShiny Shabby

Curio Obscura - Marionette Control and Strings Common

Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Open Box House 1Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Window "Snow Tempest" RAREShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Window "Daydream" RAREShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Peter "On Duty" RAREShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - John Work DeskShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Carton Builder Kit StackShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Woof "Not Happy"Shiny Shabby
Pewpew!Carton Tales 1 - John "Run for Hugs"Shiny Shabby
Pewpew!Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Jade "Happiness" RAREShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Luke "Look Around"Shiny Shabby
Pewpew!Carton Tales 1 - Used SofaShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Bicycle VintageShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Noa Push ChairShiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Mary "Aw"Shiny Shabby
Pewpew!Carton Tales 1 - Noa "Happiness"Shiny Shabby
Pewpew!Carton Tales 1 - Kyle "Surprised"Shiny Shabby

Meva Teddy on sledge 2Shiny Shabby

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015

Night view

DaD DESIGN "Sweet Maine Cabin"- cosmopolitan
GOOSE - Happy Holidays
Aphrodite Merry Christmas Santa Claus - With Cocoa Giver
dust bunny . vintage sleigh . with gifts

Thursday, December 24, 2015

BAd habbit

catwa head Jessica
applied  Glam affair Denise
hair  [BURLEY]_Octavia_II
::GB::Look Hot shirt

MadPea Hanging Cage Lamp Light Wood Long  - Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Remember Me Frame- Lost nad found
Paris - Wine set- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Rug- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Writer's Chair- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Books- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Side Table- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Telephone- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Typewriter Rust- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Writing Pad and Journal- Lost nad found
MadPea Writer's Corner - Writer's Desk- Lost nad found

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Time to think

catwa mesh head GWEn 

applied mpc. Isa - SE.1 . CATWA {02} Honey  cosmopolitan
hair MINA Hair - Natasja 

goggles  Meva Ski Glas cosmopolitan

sweater Kaithleen's Turtleneck Sweater - Black
jeans Blueberry - Mia -
boots {Livalle} Nymph -Lace-up Boots- Winter

[sf] winter decor fence
{what next} Flakey the Snowman
{what next} 'Wintry' Pembury Bench

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Angel of darknes

head Catwa  GWEN new

 skin applied   Glam Affair Denis
hair MINA - Stella - Dark red TRES CHIC

dress [sYs] La Petite Robe Noire (fitted & body mesh) TRES CHIC

necklace       Meva Bongo  
bangle           Meva Bongo Bangle 3


GOOSE - 2016 balloon set Cosmopliten
GOOSE - confetti

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my garden

on me
Catwa jessica head 
hair  TRUTH New Release & Holiday Gift 
dress  !Rebel Hope - Charlize Mesh Coat Red  Fameshed

decor  card

Aphrodite "Xmas Rattan"   Rattan Set Rug
Aphrodite "Xmas Rattan"  Couple Chair  1.0
Aphrodite "Xmas Rattan" Couple Sofa  1.0A
Aphrodite "Xmas Rattan" Cofee Table
Miamai_SnOWWW!Men_LegsUp 02
GOOSE - tuscan fence 5M straight high
Tree Library Lullaby CHEZ MOI
Cozy Christmas Tree w Songs (Adult) CHEZ MOI
.Birdy. Snow Cub {Big rez}
.Birdy. Snow Cub {Medium rez}
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Yellow Lab arcade
dust bunny . present pile
dust bunny . shortbread cookies
{what next} Christmas Cookie Box
{what next} Holiday Eggnog Latte
..::PD::.. Sheep-Sheep [group gift] - 

Thursday, December 17, 2015


head catwa Jessica
hair TRUTH HAIR Karlie -  variety
top  *OlyM*urban top
skirt *OlyM* urban Skirt
leggings  *OlyM* urban socks

coat  -Pixicat- Stockholm.Coat  collabor 88
shoes  ::ROC:: Erica Boot

necklace   Meva Spiral Spheres Collar Copper
earings     Meva Spiral Spheres Earring 

bag  -David Heather-Cat in a Bag/Moss

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Winter day

head catwa Jessica
skin Glam affair  Aless ( asia)  kustom 9
hair enVOGUE - HAIR Lynette - Dark Reds 
jacket  LDA::Dom  Drape Jacket V
skirt LalaLand. Black Denim Skirt
shoes ::ROC:: Erica Boot

pose = Fashiowl Poses = Reindeer Sled  *  Frozen fair

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Catwa head Jessica
skin applied   Lara Hurley-Christy Pale *Catwa Appliers*
hair  mina -Hanne
muffs  [CX] CandyMuff   Wayward Market 
sweater ::LDA::- Oh  Sweater 1
jeans  bluebery- mia black

boots  fri. Ingrid.Boots (Ash)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Back to black

 head  Catwa mesh head Annie
 applied   .::WoW Skins::. Ilenia BRONZE 2016 OMEGA ADV APPL.

 hair /Wasabi Pills/ Dawn Mesh Hair  HAIR O LOGY
 dress =Zenith=Stasha Dress (Black) FAMESHED 
 tie  [CX] Necktie   Gen-Neutral.
 shoes  VeNuS<>ShOeS OLGA

pose  GEN - Neutral Event - terra design - Unisex_02

Friday, December 11, 2015

Coffe time

Catwa head
hair [DUE] Tomonaga - Red
top {BeYou} Ana Top MAITREYA
outfit {BeYou} Stela Outfit 
shoes ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker!

cup #Foxy Tumbler Style 5 (nude cap) Cosmopoliten
.Focus Poses. Pallets  Bench

LUXE. Paper Cut out Tree RARE-  Winter Gacha Festival
LUXE. Gift Box White (L)Winter Gacha Festival
LUXE. Gift Box Black (S)Winter Gacha Festival
Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
Apple Fall Roses Box (Champagne)
LUXE. Gift Box White (S)Winter Gacha Festival
LUXE. Pearl Embellished JoyWinter Gacha Festival
Scarlet Creative Rakkaus Skybox 1 -collabor 88

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Am going

Catwa mesh head
hair  enVOGUE - HAIR Patricia 
shirt  ..::PD::.. Plaid Tunic  for   Suicide Dollz
pants   -tres blah- Knitted Leggings - Charcoal
shoes  VeNuS<>ShOeS MADISON 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Counting Stars

head Catwa jessica
 skin applied   Lara Hurley-Christy Pale *Catwa Appliers*
hair Tableau Vivant \\  Starry Night \\ Updo - Blonds  ARCADE

outfit   Bishes Inc CANDY CANE SLUT 
fur       Kaithleen's Fur Boa
necklace       Meva Bongo  -Cosmopolitan


house  GOOSE - holliday house
Arizona-Books clutter
<:*BoOgErS*:> Carol Bear Yellow   ARCADE
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog  ARCADE
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope - Easily Impressed  ARCADE
dust bunny . shortbread cookies  ARCADE
dust bunny . ruffle chair  ARCADE
dust bunny . ruffle rug  ARCADE
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Floral-Slippers Male
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Slippers Female

Monday, December 7, 2015

Wind of change

Catwa mesh head Jessica
skin applied  .::WoW Skins::. Melissa TAN 2016  the frozzen fair
hair   [e] Stella - Redheads
sweater ::LDA::Kukio dress Sweater
 jeans   Blueberry - Mia Jeans 
boots {BeYou} Ugg Boots

Sunday, December 6, 2015

I want to know

hair   [e] Claudette - Redheads
sweater ::LDA::Oriane Cardigan sweater IV
pants :    :LDA::Oriane Pants IV
bots      ::ROC:: Snow Boots Low   


GOOSE - Winter cuddle corner PG  FROZZEN FAIR 
Apple Fall 'iFall' Notebook 2015 Media Edition
-tres blah- Cozy Winter - Tea Cup   ARCADE
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Yellow Lab  ARCADE
flowey's original thermos / Season of Giving '15 [ARCADE

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Moment Of Peace

catwa mesh head

Meva Estyn Cap Black  WE <3 RP
MevaEstyn Earrings  Black WE <3 RP
Meva Estyn Necklace BlackWE <3 RP
pipe  [CX] Kiseru Ryuu Mouth (Black)  TMD 

Caboodle - Shen Sashes - Black

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Final countdown

Catwa mesh head
skin applied   Lara Hurley-Christy Pale *Catwa Appliers*
hair TRUTH HAIR Bronwyn - variety

lingerie  Milk Tea: Nightingale (Blue)  cosmopoliten
nails   [CX] Ice Nails  we <3 RP
horns [CX] Ice Horns (GIFT)  we <3 RP
necklace  Meva Seastar Collar  

pose   SN~ Warrior Princess 2  POSE LOVER monthly

decor card
Stockholm&Lima: Argonaut Lamp
MadPea Return of the Light - The Taika Altar RARE   ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - The Taika Altar RARE   ARCADE 
MadPea Return of the Light - Mercher Spellblade  ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - Sadwrn's Shadowsteel  ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - Bowl Of Moon Dust  ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - Sap of Bloodwood  ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - Sun Statue  ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - Mirror of Darkness  ARCADE  
MadPea Return of the Light - Moon Statue  ARCADE  

On the road

 Catwa mesh head
 skin applied   Lara Hurley-Christy Pale *Catwa Appliers*
hair [LeLutka]-DUCHESS strands - Harvard
hat Meva Hipster Hat
necklace  Meva Ani Necklace
earings  Meva Ani Earring 
rings  Meva Ani rings

dress  ::LDA:: Veronique dress blouse _S
socks   fri. - Lydia.Socks (Maitreya Plain Top) - L (Coal)
boots  :ROC:: Erica Boot 

pose -  = Fashiowl Poses = My First Snowfall / 3 -WINTER TREND

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anybody out there?

Catwa mesh head
skin applied   Lara Hurley-Christy Pale *Catwa Appliers*
hairTableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Eastern wind - Blacks+Whites

lingerie MAAI Freya lingerie * Black

somedays just...

head Catwa
applies Glam Affair denise  america-rare
hair   /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair - Blonds 
.miss chelsea. Sita Bodycon Dress Cream
shoes  :ROC:: Lace Up Heel 

dust bunny . ruffle rug - ARCADE
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - I <3 My Puppy #1- ARCADE
[ zerkalo ] Cozy Corner - Book
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog -ARCADE
<Heart Homes> Merry Christmas Tree (PG)  1.0c
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Floral-Clock
DaD DESIGN "Vintage Tub Sofa All colors" Adult - c/m -Lost and found
<:*BoOgErS*:> Carol Bear Yellow -ARCADE

[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Floral-Cups
[ zerkalo ] Cozy Corner - Pillow

pose   XXY - La pelle 3  - pose lover:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

catwa msh head
applied Denis india - Glam affair 
hair  [e] Kiki - Ravens
dress Bishes Inc Cosy Dress PINK  Winter TREnd 
socks   *MUKA* Thigh Socks
shoes  AMITOMO.StyleShare
necklace   =Zenith=Ribbon Necklace(Group Gift)
toy   =Zenith=Year of the Horse doll (Group Gift)
suitcase   ::K:: Outing Bag Sand

Monday, November 30, 2015

Snow Fun

Catherine on left

Head – CATWA HEAD Jessica
Skin applier – Glam affair -denis America
TRUTH HAIR –   Ami  variety
Jacket & Sweater – {BeYou} Izza Jacket with shirt
Jeans  Blueberry -Mia   -black
Boots –Gizza pop boots

Decor Card:

GOOSE – holliday house
Candy Crunchers – Snowman Secret decor – Rare
.:Tm:. Creation [P4F Snowy] Pathway Wood w/ Ferns Straight mesh
PPK Stone path snowy
Skye Snow Formations 2 Rock Hollow
Skye Snow Grass Single
Skye Snow Formations 7 Rocks
+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals – Cat@N21/November 2015
+Half-Deer+ Snow Animals – Shark@N21/November 2015
Enchant3D – Ootapanask Sled (Pose Prop)@20Twenty/November 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Friends and cookies all what i need

                        mesh head Catwa - Jessica
skin  applied Denis  America Glam affair
hair        TRUTH HAIR Ryleigh 
dress   .::Dead Dollz::. Vesper - Brown
Alchemy - Doge -  French bulldog - Snow
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays" Single Chair A
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays" Double Sofa (PG)
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays"Coffe table
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holiday"  Single
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays" Table Lamp
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays"  Planter
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays" Centerpiece
<Heart Homes> "Sparkling Holidays" Rug
Aphrodite Christmas tree red candle
Aphrodite decorative glass
Aphrodite Christmas tree green candle
GOOSE - cozy pile of christmas pillows

Saturday, November 28, 2015


      mesh head CATwa  Jessica 
wow skin applied   .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Lisana Bronze Catwa appl.- MAKEOVER ROOM
hair   enVOGUE - HAIR Madalyn - Dark Reds
necklace   Meva Leather and Leafs Necklace Silver

 outift  _CandyDoll_Farah Romper Black
 shoes REIGN.- Abbie Pumps- Black


The Drax Files Radio Hour with Jo Yardley sponsorship collector
Stockholm-Headphones (decor)
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Floral-Books
oyasumi / moneystack 2
[ zerkalo ] The infamous Armchair - Gift Black
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Winter is here

     mesh head CATwa  Jessica 
hat  MadPea Sam the Silly Snowman Hat   Tannenbaum Holiday Event 2015.

sweater BeYou}Sweater & Scarf with hair 
pants  [M] All day Black Pants 
shoes  -Pixicat- Autumn.Boots 

{what next} Winter Harvest Picnic Hamper 
{what next} Winter Harvest Picnic Table (with tablecloth)
{what next} Winter Harvest Soup Tray
{what next} Winter Harvest Drinks Tray 
{what next} Winter Harvest Jam Tarts 

pose Fashiowl - Cozy Sledge - Pose  tres chic

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here comes the rain again

mesh head CATwa  Jessica
applied    *YS&YS* Beatrix Tone03 Skin Applier CATWA Mesh Head   my attic
hair [monso] My Hair - Honey /Red

top  coldLogic top - hache.pitch
skirt   .Method pleat insert mini skirt_black  -cosmopolitan
necklace  Meva Stone Necklace 1

Apt B // Daydreamer Couch
Sway's [Door Mat] cloud RARE

Monday, November 23, 2015

One of last warm days

hair MINA - Edith - Dark red
caridigan  Ascend // Fringed Out Cardigan  shiny shabby
shorts       Pepe - Straight Cut Shorts - Grey   chapter four

sometimes i just wish

skin   WOW  selia skin   -kinky monthly
hair   ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Eden. Ombre2
dress    Kaithleen's Mini Dress  with fur - my attic


floorplan. ladder light / blue PG
dust bunny . hammock chair . long
- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Sitting - White
38 - 8f8 - Storyseller's Burrow - Study Set
Kalopsia - Pile of Gifts   lost and found 
Kalopsia - Old wood chair - Dark/Red -lost and found 
Kalopsia - Wood Sign - Joyeux  - lost and found  
Kalopsia - Wood Sign - Noel    - lost and found 
b.v Simple tree (gold) 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Play of shadows

skin   Glam Affair - Lulu 10 ( The Arcade ) RARE
hair TRUTH HAIR Arden -  reds

jacket   GizzA - Norsk Jacket with Cardigan - Women [Stone]  shiny shabby
pants    GizzA - Josie Pants [Corduroy]

Friday, November 20, 2015

White moment

hair    Exile:: Another Day Gone 5 Color Naturals pack FLF
skin   Glam Affair - Lulu 10 ( The Arcade ) RARE
outfit  1hundred   basic bodysuit white  -Anybody release
shoes REIGN.- Posh Pumps- White 
DaD DESIGN "Chelsea Victorian Loft" c/m V. 1.1
Glam Affair - Frames
Glam Affair - Sidetable
Glam Affair - Boxes
Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink)
Apple Fall Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket 
<Heart Homes> Nautical Couple Chair -White Wood-  (PG) 1.0a  creators collection

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

just fall in me

Catwa head Jessica

skin WOW Brooke  darktan

hair   TRUTH HAIR Aria -  black & whites

necklace   Meva Leather and Leafs Necklace Silver

shirt   Pepe - Tucked Jumper - Black RARE  chapter four

skirt  Legal Insanity - Amya dark blue jeans skirt

shoes   VeNuS<>ShOeS MADISON 

pose   = Fashiowl Poses = Autumn Is Coming    tres chic

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sometimes i just close eyes

                           catwa head
skin Glam affair Denise -exotic  gacha garden

jewls   Meva Seastar Collar - enchanment 
Meva Seastar Bustier -enchanment 
Meva Bogo Bangles  gacha garden

Monday, November 16, 2015


skin   Glam Affair - Alice skin -FLF
hairTRUTH HAIR Liberty 

shirt  Legal Insanity - Josie sweaters plain colors A
skirt   Bishes Inc - Comfy Skirt BLACK


Sunday, November 15, 2015


hair Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Upsidedown - Browns

lingerie  Milk Tea: Starlight - Galaxy    kira-kira  event
eraings  Meva Tudor Earring 1  - the fantasy gacha 

pose terra design female_04 pose 03

<HEART HOMES>"Fall in Love" Bedroom -Rug-  tres chic
<HEART HOMES>"Fall in Love" Bedroom Bed PG 1.0a tres chic
<HEART HOMES>"Fall in Love" Bedroom Deco pillows tres chic
<HEART HOMES>"Fall in Love" Bedroom - Wall Frame MOD tres chic
<HEART HOMES>Fall in Love" Bedroom Sidetable B tres chic
<HEART HOMES>Fall in Love" Bedroom Beside Candle tres chic